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CDEPLOY is a tool to make management of Enterprise Applications and Web Applications much easier.
In CDEPLOY are applications server domains (ie. JavaCaps Integration Server), as well as ear and war files, administrated. With the very easy to use graphical interface of CDEPLOY, all management tasks can be done troublefree.
  • Deploy
  • Undeploy
  • Enable
  • Disable

  • CDEPLOY collects informations, like modification date and size, of the ear-files and checks these, each time CDEPLOY is started, or on request. So it can be seen at a glance, if the most recent version of an application runs on the server.
  • CDEPLOY can conflate applications (ear-fiels) to logical groups. Within these groups, the start- and stop proirity can be set for every application.
  • The logical groups can be assigned to one, or more domains and can be managed (deploy,undeply,enable,disable) with a single mouse click.
  • Of course also each single ear/war fiel can be managed very simple on one or more domains.

Click here to view a short demo.