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CLOG is a collection of log handlers that can write logging output to files, databases, or cloud services. CLOG is easy to install and configurable via logging.properites. The use of multiple log handlers is also supported on some versions glassfish server.

Simple File Handler
  • With CLOG it is possible to determine, which log file should be used. So, for example, each service can use it's own seperate log file. Or a group of services can share one log file.
  • The CLOG log files contain only the most necessary information: timestamp, severity, name of the calling methode and text.
  • The log files which CLOG create, can roll over if they exceed a certain size. The size and the number of files that should be kept, can be configured via
JDBC Handler
  • Configurable via, including jdbc information like URL, class name, etc.
  • CLOG can be used with any table structure, this makes it easy to use it even with existing log tables.
HTTP Handler
  • Configurable via
  • CLOG http handler supports connection via a proxy server with, or without authentication.