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CQAdm is a management tool for queues and topics on STCMS IQ Managers from JavaCaps 5.1.x and 6.x. The tool provides an intuitive graphical user interface and is realized as web application. CQAdm was desiged as alternative to the Enterprise Manager, to make JMS management better, faster and more efficient.

  • CQAdm uses its own configuration and is available in seconds
  • CQAdm has a search, that can find messages with certain patterns int the payload
  • CQAdm is able to store messages including their properties to files
  • CQAdm can read files an send them as messages
  • CQAdm can send messages between destinations (queues/topics)
  • CQAdm shows the message selector of subscribers and receivers
  • CQAdm is able to show a list of destinations with unprocessed messages
  • CQAdm is a web application, therefor no client installation is necessary

Watch this short Demo Video