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Consulting and development services for Oracle JavaCAPS, Oracle Fusion, Software AG webmethods, and SAP Netweaver XI

We advise you in integrating your applications. Our focus is on the healthcare industry. We use tools provided by selected partners. We also help you choosing these tools and the appropriate implementation strategies.

Taylor made support

We support your installation in your environment according to your needs.

Architecture services

We develop your integration architecture according to your needs and also in respect of future growth.

High availability solutions for Windows and Unix

Every - properly implemented - integration solution will sooner or late be a central hub for an enterprises data where downtime is critical. We enable your solution to be high available.

Choice of tools

You are looking for independent information about pro's and con's of products in the surrounding of SOA and EAI? We know many of these products from our own project experience, apart from marketing flyers..

Consulting in open competitive bidding

We advise you in order that your new solution fits your needs.

Individual development

We develop scripts and programs that make your life easier and help you in your routine work.

Addon-products for Oracle JavaCAPS

We developed some tools, that make working with JavaCAPS a lot easier:

CWATCH for Oracle JavaCAPS (JCAPS) 5.1.x and 6.x
  • Proactive, automatic 24x7 monitoring and notification
  • Status overview of all your JavaCAPS servers
  • Application manangement for JavaCAPS 5.1.x and 6.x
  • Administration for your "ear" files and your JavaCAPS domains
  • Pooling of ear files for simple one-click management (deploy, undeploy, enable, disable)
  • Log handler for file, database and http
  • Allows to create individual log files for each service, or group of services
  • Database handler adapts to the database layout, so use with existing log databases is possible
  • The HTTP handler allows you to transfer your logs to http service on the web
  • Logging database viewing and analyzing tool
  • Fully configurable to be suitable to any existing database layout
  • Intuitional User interface
  • Builds graphs from logging information
  • Fully configurable to be suitable to any existing database layout
  • Easy comparing to historcal data